2 thoughts on “Chlöe Swarbrick WLAS Podcast #2: Bubbles of bias and how to pop them / Aditya Kundalkar

  1. An excellent commentary. I often talked to my students about the triple A test of public policy. Affordable, Achievable and Acceptable. The hardest one of these to achieve is acceptability, because of people’s bubbles and the ruling politicians class unwillingness to do anything that may cost them votes. Never mind that it is the right thing that it is justice, equitable and right.

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    1. whenlambsaresilent 07/05/2020 — 9:55 am

      Yes, there are a lot of narratives that are just so deeply engrained in our society, that are accepted unchallenged. Chlöe spoke to that well, to address these narratives we need to approach people sincerely, ask questions, and move forward in love.


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