Podcast #2: Tania Mead “What If” we created a World without Prisons?

In this episode we speak with Tania Mead from Just Speak NZ, an organization that seeks to empower the voices of rangatahi to speak into issues relating to the justice system and champions the reformation of our current system. We talk about the justice system, unpack what’s not working, and seek to imagine what an alternative could look like. What if we created a world without prisons? Join the conversation to find out.

Listen here: https://share.transistor.fm/s/ecb34543

When Lambs Are Silent is a movement championing the belief that change is possible and seeking to challenge the dominate narratives in our culture. We hoped you enjoyed today’s conversation. To learn more about Just Speak check out their website here. Tania also suggested checking out these helpful tools, if you want to get involved. Find the civic dinner project here, and Just Speak’s Action Station campaign here.

Also, during our korero we spoke about our petition to send a message to the government about the sort of Justice System we as a people want. You can find that petition here. If you believe we need change, and would like to send a message to this government, and to our politicians about the sort of justice system you want, please consider signing and sharing. 

You can also join the conversation by following us on Facebook, InstagramWordPress  or Twitter. 

The music in this episode is from the Album Dissonance by Jess Jackson and Leon Shelley.

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