Podcast #4 Chris Marshall: “What If” We Reformed Our Justice System?

In this episode we speak with Prof. Chris Marshall of Victoria University about Restorative Justice, what it is, how it works, and what it will take to reform our justice system.

Listen Here: https://share.transistor.fm/s/4965f7cd

When Lambs Are Silent is a movement championing the belief that change is possible and seeking to challenge the dominate narratives in our culture. Join us as we unpack what this is all about. You can also join the conversation by following us on Facebook, InstagramWordPress  or Twitter. 

The music in this episode is from the Album Dissonance by Jess Jackson and Leon Shelley


2 thoughts on “Podcast #4 Chris Marshall: “What If” We Reformed Our Justice System?

  1. Paul Humphreys 19/10/2020 — 9:59 am

    Hey Team
    Thanks for this great podcast. Really scratched my itch. So much I could say here but cant type fast enough. Get a little giddy thinking about the thoughts… theology & faith formation around all this. A few thoughts tho…
    * This sounds a lot like its straight outta a Richard Rohr playbook. and thats what attracted me to this. Mostly around the idea of moving away from the punitive to the transformation. Would like more conversation around this.
    * I serve with Scripture Union NZ and facilitate camps and leadership development. We are all over this and the way my mind is wired up makes me think of how do we talk or facilitate this more in & around experiential learning to not only introduce it to YP & YA’s but experientially reinforce it so that is becomes more concrete and indeed transformational. I have a few thoughts around this.
    * Therefore we are creating experiences with SUNZ that use this as a cornerstone, and the feedback we are getting is like… BOOM!!!!
    * All to often we are asking the wrong question(s) and this is b/c of our western dualistic view of life/faith etc.

    I hope the conversation continues & looking forward to more

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    1. whenlambsaresilent 24/10/2020 — 11:14 am

      We are planning more korero around this kaupapa, so glad you enjoyed this one 👍😉


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