Podcast Youth Homelessness: Colonization & Te Teriti / Bianca Johanson

In this episode we speak with Bianca Johanson, Lifewise Youth and Strategy and co-ordinator of Manaaki Rangatahi a collective working to end youth homelessness in Aotearoa. We discuss how colonisation has contributed to the issue of youth homelessness and the value of collective impact in working towards social change. We also talk about what it means to be a good treaty partner, and how vital it is for both tangata whenua and tangata tiriti to heal and decolonize.

Listen here: https://share.transistor.fm/s/f35a3e0a


Help Manaaki Rangatahi #EndYouthHomelessness by signing their petition here. Follow them on FB here or Instagram here.

You can find the lecture from Dr. Moana Jackson that we discuss here

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