Make a Submission

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Make a Submission

If you would like to submit a piece for publication you can email us at

Some things to keep in mind when writing your piece:

  1. At When Lambs are Silent we seek to utilize story to get beneath the dominate political, theological or social narratives that prevent us from loving and caring for one other. We are not interested in being another voice driving outrage for outrage’s sake, but rather we seek to tell stories that speak hard truths in Love and with Grace, we want to meet our readers where they are at and bring them along on the journey with us. This does not mean that we shy away from naming the hard realities of what is happening in our communities and to our whanau, and the reason’s for them, but we believe that Love is the Way, and if we can engage with one another in love, seeing the humanity in each other, that we will have far more success moving the conversation along, than if we simply talk at one another. Stories are powerful because they can get beneath all the rhetoric and narratives that protect us from encountering one another. They can reach to the heart, and that’s where real transformation happens.
  2. Your story is your own, we welcome you to speak from your cultural perspective, your faith, your experience, in fact the more you speak from the heart, the more accessible your writing will be. So just tell your story, what do you want the reader to know about your experience, what would you see that need’s to change in this world, in our society, what is one action the reader can take afterwards?
  3. Recognize that you’re speaking to people from various faiths, cultural contexts, life experiences, so while it is important that you tell your story, as best you can, try to make it accessible to other’s who may not share your same faith, culture, or community experience.
  4. We normally publish pieces between 800-1000 word, if you think you’ve got more to say that can’t fit within that word count, we do welcome multiple submissions, or even could work with you to create a series. Just email us with your idea.
  5. If we accept your piece we may edit for length or tone.

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