When Lambs Are Silent is a movement committed to the belief that just because the world is the way it is, does not mean it must remain that way.

We are dedicated to the idea that change is possible, and are champions of the belief that as human’s we encounter each other through our stories and that in order to challenge the dominate narratives of our culture, that we need to do more than just hear the stories of our brothers and sisters, we need to listen, and than we need to act.

On this page you will find some of the campaigns we have been a part of and also some that we are still currently engaged with.

Complete: Joint Submission on the First Responders Bill

Our first campaign was a joint Submission against the First Responders Bill. The Bill would have resulted in a more punitive, revenge based, approach to dealing with violent crime. We were concerned that the bill was not evidence based and would actually increase the risk of violence within our community. We wrote several articles highlighting the issue, began this joint submission, and our When Lambs Are Silent community came together to call for sensible and evidence based responses to our justice system. The bill continued into its second reading, however our voices were heard, and laid the foundation for our next campaign.

Complete: Petition calling on Parliament to throw out the First Responders Bill

After the First Responders Bill continued through the select committee to its second reading our When Lambs Are Silent community got behind this petition calling on the Government to throw out the bill in its second reading. Again, we wrote articles to educate our community, we wrote to our local mps, and we highlighted the conversation within our communities. The result? We won! The Bill was opposed overturned!

Complete: Joint Submission opposing the Youth Justice Demerit Points Bill

The Youth Justice Demerits Points Bill was a bill that would have provided rangatahi with demerits points based on their behavior. It lacked a strong evidence base and would have caused greater harm to rangatahi. As a community When Lambs Are Silent got behind this joint submission, we released articles, lobbied politicians, and educated the public. And thanks to the advocacy of ourselves, and the youth and social sector at large, the bill was defeated within the select committee!

Current: Petition to End Youth Homelessness

When Lambs Are Silent is supporting the petition of Manaaki Rangatahi calling on the Government to end youth homelessness. We continue to advocate, lobby, and educate towards that end. To support this mahi find our current petition here by signing and sharing. Also, to learn more check out the blog and podcast for content regarding Youth Homelessness.

Current: Petition to stop the Oversight of Oranga Tamariki Bill

The Oranga Tamariki Oversight Bill is a piece of legislation which has widespread opposition from the social sector and the care experienced community. It would weaken oversight of Oranga Tamariki and mute the voice of the Children’s Commissioner. When Lambs Are Silent is supporting this petition and seeking to agitate and educate in order to see the bill overturned. You can support this petition by signing and sharing it here. Also, check out the blog and podcast for content detailing why this is so important.

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