When Lambs Are Silent

Here at When Lambs Are Silent we believe words create worlds. What we say, and how we say it, matters.

We are dedicated to the idea that change is possible, and champion the belief that as humans we encounter one another through our stories.

We believe change happens as we engage in the hard conversations, doing so in Love, and never losing sight of the other’s humanity. Here you will find stories, articles and perspectives that seek to do just that. To wrestle with the hard, to create space to listen, to help us learn to Love. We hope you enjoy.

Is all the outrage helping our advocacy? / A.J. Hendry

We’re slowly moving our content over from WordPress to substack. To keep up to date and best the algorithms, subscribe here: I’ve been reflecting recently on how change happens.It doesn’t matter where you place your feet on the political spectrum, what is true, is that across the board our engagement with one another is…

Was Tamaki’s ‘People’s Court’ really peaceful? / A.J. Hendry

Earlier this week the Freedom and Rights Coalition, a group led by Brian Tamaki, travelled to Wellington to hold a “People’s Court” in which they condemned the Government for Crimes Against Humanity. If you haven’t heard of them, the Freedom and Rights Coalition is an anti-government group that has opposed many of the Government’s public…

It’s not that hard to listen / Mary-Lynn Huxford

it’s not that hard to listenPoem written by Mary-Lynn Huxford in response to the Oversight of Oranga Tamariki bill passing the second reading. As the Government have continued to progress the bill this week, it feels specifically relevant.I felt nervous and nauseousAll dayWaitingFor the debate to startMPs from each side of the aisleArguing about the…


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